It's official!  AFSCME Local 119 now has its own official website.  

Great news everyone, Local 119 has officially started a scholarship fund for its active members or immediate family.  If you were present at tonight's meeting on 2/7/2019 it was discussed and the c

The choppy 17-second video, taken on his GoPro camera, shows the yellow and orange flames lighting up a black night through the truck’s windshield.

LOS ANGELES — As fires burned in Northern and Southern California and the death toll continued to rise; as smoke engulfed nearby cities, prompting health warnings to stay indoors; and as survivors relocated to makeshift camps and hoped for the best, the best often came from public service workers.

And that included AFSCME members like Francisco “Frankie” Martinez, a 39-year-old Los Angeles County Fire Department worker and member of AFSCME Local 119 (District Council 36).

Fire Mechanics have high exposure to the same toxins as firefighters, yet do not have the same legal protections. 

AFSCME Local 119 members want to end the double standard.

We are calling all fire service automotive repair mechanics statewide to join forces and demand legislation that protects ALL fire dept. workers.

 Join fire mechanics, public health advocates, and community and labor partners to help create solutions as part of a coalition to demand an end to unfair double standards on occupational cancer.