Money Money Money...

Great news everyone, Local 119 has officially started a scholarship fund for its active members or immediate family.  If you were present at tonight's meeting on 2/7/2019 it was discussed and the criteria was provided to all general members present.  This is one of the benefits that Local 119 members will be enjoying that has been created to provide added value to your membership within our local.  Along with this newly established scholarship fund which will be rewarded annually in May and in November, AFSCME International also provides "Free College Benefit" for its active members.  Please go to for details about earning an online degree from an accredited community college with no out-of-pocket expense.

If you were not present at tonight's general meeting on 2-7-19, please read below for the criteria that has been set for Local 119's scholarship fund that will be awarded twice a year for $1000 each.  The scholarship is hereby proclaimed as "The Johnny Johnson Scholarship".

To qualify, candidate must:

  1. Be a member or immediate family member of member in good standing
  2. Submit an essay on "The Effect of Organized Labor on Vocational Trades" no later than March 15th or September 27th for review and selection.
  3. Submit proof of registration of college or trade school along with essay.
    1. Candidate must be enrolled in a "mechanical vocational program" or "engineering program"
    2. College or trade school must be an accredited school
    3. Provide proof or registration for minimum 12 course credits at college or trade school.
  4. Elected officers, Executive Board members, and their immediate family are not eligible for the scholarship fund offered by Local 119.  This scholarship fund will only be available to active general membership.
  5. This scholarship program may be suspended at any time by a majority vote of the executive board.

The awardee shall

  1. Receive $500 up front for either scholarship awarded in May or November
  2. Receive second payment of $500 after the successful completion of courses.  "Awardee must submit proof of successful completion of college or trade school to AFSCME Local 119 within 6 months of course completion".
  3. Awardee or immediate family member on which qualification is based, must remain a member AFSCME Local 119, or member of a recognized bargaining unit upon departure from AFSCME Local 119.

Please send all materials for the scholarship to the following address below and include a cover page with your phone number, address, and (applicant's name and AFSCME Local 119 member's name for verification purposes).

Attn:  Scholarship Committee

AFSCME Local 119

514 Shatto Place

Los Angeles, CA.  90020