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LA Librarians Bring Community Together for #SolarEclipse

At the LA Studio City Branch Library

Los Angeles Public Libraries across the City celebrated the Great American Eclipse on August 21, with librarians in Local 2626 handing out viewing glasses and providing a science lesson about the rare natural phenomenon in the sky. Hundreds of enthusiastic Angelenos of all ages waited in lines that in some cases stretched around the perimeter of the parking lots for their chance to see the moon hiding the sun.


At the Studio City Branch Library

By 10:21 am, it was peak viewing time. Some brought makeshift viewers they had assembled at home, with tinfoil covered cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls spotted among them. For many, it was a welcome respite from normal life to be able to come together with a shared sense of wonder. The last total solar eclipse that could be seen stretching across the United States was in 1918, and while Californians were able to see only a crescent shape from our vantage point, the excitement was palpable.

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