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AFSCME District Council 36 Mission Statement

We are the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) District Council 36 – a fully democratic labor organization representing more than 50 autonomous Local Unions throughout Southern California. We advocate, and when necessary, agitate, for the rights, protections, and dignity of workers and for the preservation of the middle class. Our members serve the public as a diverse array of employees of both local government and nonprofit organizations and with a common commitment to enabling our communities to thrive in a just society with equal access, treatment, and opportunity for all.

AFSCME District Council 36

The American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) District Council 36, headquartered in Los Angeles, represents the interests of more than 22,000 public service workers and serves more than 50 affiliated Local Unions throughout Southern California.

An affiliate of AFSCME International in Washington D.C., Council 36 advocates for fairness, dignity, opportunity and prosperity in the workplace and believes that workers’ rights are human rights.

We not only stand for fairness at the bargaining table, however; we also fight for equality, social justice and against discrimination in all of its forms in the halls of government and in our communities.

Council 36 is dedicated to reclaiming and restoring the fundamental democratic values that define our state and our country at large, including preserving the struggling middle class, narrowing record income gaps, ensuring access and opportunity to ordinary people, and reinforcing the critical role of government in providing quality services that Californians depend on, and deserve.

Our members proudly serve the public in our courts, our parks, our schools and throughout the Southland, as psychiatric social workers, childcare workers, prosecutors, probation officers, sanitation workers, law enforcement vehicle mechanics, librarians, 911 emergency operators and many, many others.

Alice Goff, President
Irene Hernandez-Blair, Secretary
Roy Stone, Treasurer

Vice Presidents District #2
D'Jean DeVolle, Local 3634
Austin Dumas, Local 901
Mark Natoli, Local 575
Diana Williams, Local 3672
Andreas Jung, Local 119

Vice President District #3
Donn Uyeno, Local 3339 

Vice President District #4
Dave Wallace, Local 1117

Vice President District #5
Rodney Fowler, Local 127

Vice President District #6
Manuel Corral, Local 2076

Vice President District #7
Kirsty Burkhart, Local 946

Chandra Phipps, Local 1895 (4 year term)
Bonnie Bradford, Local 3634 (4 year term)
Cecilia Martinez, Local 2076 (2 year term)
Denise Stansell, Local 901 (2 year term)

To see a map outlining locals in their corresponding district/county, click HERE.

To see a complete list of all our locals, click HERE.

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