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Lawyer, husband and father, Jack died suddenly on January 10, 2014 at the Reston Hospital having suffered a stroke. Read more here.

Governor Jerry Brown released his $155 billion budget proposal for 2014-15. We encourage members to check out the proposals provided here to help assess their impacts. Click here for more information.

Kudos to Local 2076

Nellie LeGaspe of AFSCME Local 2076/Orange County Eligibility Workers was recently presented with several awards of recognition from the Orange County Labor Federation, signed respectively by state elected officials, Hon. Loretta Sanchez, Hon. Sharon Quirk-Silva, and Hon. Lou Correa. Sister LeGaspe is an 8 year member of Local 2076. A Shop Steward and Recording Secretary for her union, she's at the forefront fighting for not only her fellow union members but for all working families.

WATCH HERE: Maria Elena Durazo speaks out on behalf of the LA labor community and LA City workers

She decries the ongoing scapegoating of public employees and the degradation of retirement security for the middle class at a City Council meeting on October 26, 2012. A new ordinance was approved recently that will create a future poverty class among City of LA workers and set a new low for the nation’s struggling middle class.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson stopped by AFSCME District Council 36 recently to express his strong support for our campaign to defeat Prop. 32. Pictured are the Reverend, who was just nominated for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, and members and staff of the union.

Members of Council 36 Speak Out Against Prop. 32!

Watch the video above!

Members of Council 36 Speak Out Against Prop. 32!

Watch the video here!

A diverse group of the Council’s Local leaders and rank-and-file activists were videotaped recently on the importance of beating Prop. 32. The video, set to be distributed in the coming days to every Local affiliate, encourages every Council 36 member to learn the truth about this highly deceptive state initiative pretending to be about campaign finance reform.

In an important initial win for Commerce residents and employees, the Commerce City Council on August 6 voted to put a new local sales tax initiative on the ballot. The half-cent sales tax initiative, called the “vital city service protection measure,” was brought to the City Council for consideration by AFSCME activists Jason Stinnett, a Vice President of Council 36, and Kevin Larsen, the President of Local 773 (City of Commerce Employees) as a critical revenue solution to save public services and city jobs.

In an exciting new milestone for Council 36, the City of Lynwood Employees Association has just signed an AFSCME affiliation agreement. The affiliation agreement was signed in early August, following intensive Council 36 organizing and strategic planning to ensure that AFSCME serves as a strong – and immediate – new force of protection for the Lynwood employees, who have already begun contract negotiations.

Council 36 Sends Letter to President Obama About LA City Mayor Villaraigosa’s Disturbing Anti-Union Actions

Click here to download the letter

Margarita Lopez from Local 1083 answering the question of how Prop. 32 would affect her directly....

The members of Local 3339, representing City of West Hollywood employees, have given a gigantic boost to Council 36’s fundraiser to defeat the state Special Exemptions Act, now know as Prop. 32, in November. The Local, under the leadership of new President Janet Jimenez, did not just pass a hat but filled it beyond the rim with a contribution of $20,000. 

The Board of Directors of Midway City’s Sanitary District has recognized Council 36 members from Local 1734 (city sanitation workers) for their quick thinking and heroic deeds – well beyond the call of duty -- when they came to the aid of a local senior citizen in distress and prevented a traffic snarl.

As part of the nation’s largest-ever protest against Walmart, a number of Council 36 activists joined thousands of others in Los Angeles to demand that the world’s largest private employer reform their anti-worker ways.

Walmart has a track record of providing poverty-level jobs with no benefits, destroying local businesses and driving down wages in communities. In solidarity with Walmart workers, Council 36 members including Julie Leevarinpanich of Local 3511 (LA County Supervising Psychiatric Social Workers) and Dennise Sierra of Local 830 (LA County Agricultural Inspectors) joined the march.

Wisconsin result bad news for California unions?

Listen to the audio file from KPCC here

The Los Angeles City Council on May 21 passed a $7.2 billion budget that protects both City workers and the vital services they provide to residents. The budget included ideas driven by the recommendations of the Coalition of LA City Unions, which includes AFSCME Council 36.

Faced by a hostile mayor and City Council bent on taking more away from middle- class families, city workers of AFSCME Local 127 defiantly stood their ground and beat back attempts to cut overtime hours and ban compensatory time. Workers, who provide around-the-clock service keeping San Diego’s streets, parks and beaches safe and clean, also secured two extra days of paid leave, tighter time limits on management regarding discipline procedures and written assurances that Local 127 members get comparable wage increases should another group of city workers gain something better.

With Democrats Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Read all about Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s “war on women” in the Los Angeles Times. Ironically, this is the upcoming Democratic National Convention Chairman.

AFSCME Council 36 and other members of the Coalition of LA City Unions recently presented a 20-page report containing more than $100 million in revenue ideas and budget-balancing solutions for the City of Los Angeles to the City Budget and Finance Committee.

The press corps was out in force on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall recently, where LA City Employee Unions represented by Council 36 joined conservationists and Council members Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge and developer/philanthropist Steve Soboroff to demand the protection of Los Angeles’ parks.

On May 4, 2012, AFSCME Council 36 and other members of the Coalition of LA City Unions were invited by Councilman Paul Krekorian to make a rare formal presentation to the Budget and Finance Committee.

Coalition seeks to restore L.A. parks funding

Deep budget cuts to the Los Angeles park system in recent years have resulted in shortened park hours, fewer youth programs and closed pools.

Now, as city lawmakers take up Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's proposed budget for the coming year, a new coalition is lobbying for restoration of park funding.

Read the Los Angeles Times article May 1, 2012

Koretz questions motive behind plan to move city security guards to LAPD

A proposal to move the city's security guards into the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department is nothing more than Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s attempt to reach the threshold of 10,000 police officers, one member of the Los Angeles City Council said today.

Read the KPCC article April 30, 2012

City workers offer plan to avoid layoffs

City workers whose positions could be cut under Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's proposed $7.2 billion budget pleaded for their jobs Monday, as union representatives delivered their own financial plan to avoid layoffs.

Under Villaraigosa's proposal, employees like Artilla Watts and Joy Kawthorn, veterans of the Los Angeles Police Department, could lose their jobs.

Read Daily News article April 30, 2012

AFSCME Local 3090 (LA City clerical and support staff) and other union members with the Coalition of LA City Unions have worked assiduously with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to help the residents of Los Angeles during these tough economic times.

State Pension Committee convenes in Chino

Council 36 Business Representative Steve Koffroth is quoted in this Contra Costa Times story about implications of public employee pension reform on blue collar workers: Contracosta Times April 13, 2012

Cast of Court Players Call Upon California for Critical Funding

Council 36 members and reps have been in Sacramento testifying before a Senate subcommittee about the devastating effects the cuts are having on the LA County Superior Courts. We’re fighting to maintain access to justice for all Angelenos. Kudos to our member, Mark Natoli, who was quoted in this CourthouseNews article about the funding crisis!

Read Courthouse News article April 17, 2012

Meyers Backing Is Opportunity for ‘Housecleaning,’ Association of Deputy District Attorneys Head Says

The endorsement of Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers is an opportunity for a sea change in the way the office is run, the president of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys said yesterday.

Read Metnews article April 20, 2012

D.A. Rivals Sharpen Their Attacks on Carmen Trutanich, Fear He May Win Outright On June 5

Candidates for L.A. County District Attorney are sharpening their attacks on frontrunner Carmen Trutanich, out of concern that he may win the race outright on June 5.

Speaking at a forum in the Crenshaw area on Tuesday night, Chief Deputy Jackie Lacey urged the audience to unite behind her candidacy.

Read LA Weekly article April 18, 2012

Prosecutors union backs veteran deputy D.A. for district attorney

The union that represents line-level county prosecutors has thrown its weight behind veteran Deputy Dist. Atty. Danette Meyers in the race to become the county’s next top prosecutor, a union official said Tuesday.

The Assn. of Deputy District Attorneys endorsed Meyers at a board meeting Monday evening, concluding she was the most likely candidate to deal with long-standing complaints by the union about management under Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley, the association’s president said.

Read Los Angeles Times article April 18, 2012

Calling for a sea-change in the management culture of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (AFSCME Local 2682), voted this week to endorse the candidacy of Danette Meyers for District Attorney in the upcoming June election.

Cathedral City employees represented by Local 3961 made the headlines recently when they packed the City Council chambers to speak against threatened mass layoffs and service cuts to the community.

In a new low, Los Angeles City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana made an announcement to the press in late March – before speaking to the Coalition of LA City Unions – that the City “can no longer afford to pay raises that are due to roughly 20,000 of its workers July 1.” Then, adding insult to injury, Mayor Villaraigosa threw another bomb when he told the LA Times in late March that he is prepared to put a measure on the city ballot to raise the retirement age of new hires “if the City Council refuses to enact such a proposal."

Leaders from AFSCME’s four courts Locals have been meeting for months with legislators about the boondoggle Court computer system, known as CCMS, saying that the funding for that project should instead be used to keep trial courts open. In these austere budgetary times, a mismanaged project that had ballooned from a $250-million to $1.9 BILLION could no longer be justified.

Council 36 launched a major member-to-member organizing campaign to fight back against the Nov. 2012 “Corporate Deception” ballot measure. For all of our Local leaders and rank-and-file activists who showed up on Feb. 25 – thank you! The room was packed!

Council 36’s Committee for Universal Health Care

Council 36’s Committee for Universal Health Care (pictured) met on Feb. 9 with special guest speaker, Dr. King Reilly from Physicians for a National Health Program, discussing the problem of local healthcare disparities in our communities. To join the Committee, please email or call 213-252-1351.

Association of Deputy District Attorneys/Local 2682 Candidate Interviews for District Attorney, January 24, 2012

Click here to download the photos.

On January 18, hundreds of lawyers, judges, court clerks and mediators, as well as other workers and supporters, came together at a noon rally to highlight the toll of dire cutbacks in the LA Superior Court system over the past three years.

AFSCME District Council 36 'sBiennial Convention, which took place October 21-23, 2011 in Long Beach, put the spotlight on our members’ unique struggles and our shared victories.

The video clip here, produced for the Convention, highlights some of our Council’s spirited union activism, in Madison, WI, and right here at home.

Congratulations to our new Council 36 officers! (Click here to see swearing-in photo and elected officers list).

Report on Council political, organizing, and other achievements over the last two years here (Click here to see the report).

Read the Resolutions adopted by the Council at the Convention (click here for the resolutions).

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