It was by all accounts an empowering experience, in which several dozen members from across Council 36 dedicated themselves on a recent Saturday to learning more about the role and responsibilities

A message from Pres. Andy Jung:

In a major victory for the staff of Advancing Justice LA, a nonprofit service organization just west of downtown, well over 100 people marched in a picket outside their building on Wilshire Blvd on Wednesday. The goal was to build awareness in the general public that vital community services the staff provide are on the chopping block, s well as potentially one-third of staff positions.   

A message from Council 36 President Andy Jung: 

This Labor Day, We Have New Reason to Celebrate – and to Keep Fighting

For about 7,000 AFSCME members employed across virtually all Departments of the City of Los Angeles in a diverse array of jobs, there is some long-anticipated and very welcome news. The City Council last Tuesday approved all of the new contracts hammered out between Management and our six LA City Locals over the course of almost a year. That means, the workers' hard-earned raises, as well as retro pay, are finally on their way!  

After two years of negotiations and member actions, several hundred workers joined together through AFSCME District Council 36 have secured a five-year contract with the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD).

The sanitation districts, which protect public health and the environment through cutting-edge wastewater and solid waste management, has one of the most intricate governance structures of any local agency in California. 

Loraine Lundquist conceded her loss on Wednesday evening, as her opponent, John Lee, takes the 12th District seat. 

Over the last several days, AFSCME members had joined hundreds of other volunteers dedicated to getting out the vote for Lundquist. Despite the loss, however, Lujndquist saw a historic transformative upswing in progressive activism in this traditionally conservative District.

AFSCME District Council 36 offers our congratulations to Lee on his election victory.

Andrew Perry wants to know how the presidential candidates taking part in the AFSCME Public Service Forum on Saturday plan to strengthen unions and protect working people’s rights in an era of widespread right-wing hostility.

Ana Meni will be listening for how the candidates plan to protect pensions, provide affordable housing, lower the cost of medical coverage and block the outsourcing of public services.

In a vindication for dozens of AFSCME-represented classified staff at Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) in the San Fernando Valley,  school officials agreed after nearly a year-long dispute to sign a “side letter” over vacation accrual benefits.

Activists and leaders representing a swath of Council 36 Locals had the opportunity to ask questions of a number of LA County Supervisor candidates about issues and concerns affecting services and the employees who deliver them at a forum on July 15. The forum was moderated by Political and Legislative Action Committee (PLAC) Chair Ana Meni.