County Workers Rally for a Fair Contract

Los Angeles County employees in the Coalition of County Unions (CCU), including a number of AFSCME Locals, took to the street in downtown LA to send a message to the Board of Supervisors ahead of contract negotiations: We expect a fair deal. We are tired of being squeezed.

As the cost of living is rising rapidly in and around Los Angeles, rank and file County workers are increasingly struggling to maintain a comfortable quality of life for their families.  Housing prices are escalating well beyond local and national inflation rates.  In the last five years, home ownership costs in Los Angeles more than doubled on average. 

County employees forced to work longer shifts for less money have borne the brunt of state and county budget cuts and mass layoffs after the great recession. Today the economy is greatly improved and it is time for the Supervisors to support the workforce.

Pictured to the right: Holding up the banner are activists from a variety of unions, including Danny Estrada and Maritza Alvarado, executive board officers of AFSCME Local 830 (LA County Agricultural Inspectors).