LA City Bargaining Teams Prepped and Ready

On Tuesday, Feb. 27,  dozens of LA City  employees elected to represent their respective co-workers at the bargaining table packed a large auditorium in Griffith Park to kick off the new bargaining season. AFSCME Council 36 was among the six partner unions and 18 bargaining units represented in the Coalition of LA City Unions caucus. 

Newly appointed CAO Rich Llewellyn stopped by at the coalition's invitation and introduced himself, and said he is looking forward to starting negotiations, which are expected to launch in March. The convergence of bargaining teams follows an extensive survey of worker concerns and priorities that will be reflected in the demands made at the table.

Every bargaining unit will negotiate on issues that affect their members both at a coordinated coalition table and a separate unit table, for individual (non-shared) issues.

The last bargaining cycle saw Management propose unprecedented takeaways to wages, health care plans and retirement security -- but the Coalition members fought back over many months, and ultimately succeeded in settling a fair deal.  Clearly, the general mood among the teams readying for this bargaining cycle is: The economy is improved. Revenues have recovered. Don't even TRY to go there again! 

After the meeting, AFSCME team members -- representing about 8,000 workers in six diverse LA City unions at Council 36 -- converged on the grass outside the Friendship Auditorium, where their high energy level was captured in the photo seen here. Among them were 911 emergency dispatchers, Rec and Parks instructors and supervisors, librarians, clerical staff, medical practitioners, and others who provide essential services to residents.