Support “Fix LA” Coalition and LA City Workers Demanding: “Deliver on the 5K jobs promised!”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made a promise more than two years ago to the Coalition of LA City Unions and community allies, the Fix LA Coalition, to hire 5,000 new City workers by 2018, but the City is nowhere near meeting that goal. The jobs and services were cut dramatically during the great recession, which is now well behind us. The City passed the biggest budget in history as revenues bounced back and the local economy is booming.

Yet, key City departments are still serverely understaffed, which has left residents and taxpayers without the services they deserve. Our sidewalks are still broken, our streets and infrastructure are in urgent need of fixing, and our parks and recreation programs are being forsaken where kids need safe spaces and after school activities the most!

Meanwhile the City keeps defaulting to short-term contracting out of services that’s expensive, inefficient, and ineffective! Join community groups and LA City workers including AFSCME members to demand that the City make good on the Mayor’s directive to hire 5,000 new City workers and to stop costly outsourcing.

Let;s make noise until the promises are fulfilled! We will be speaking out before the City Council on Sept. 21st. All are welcome to join!

WHEN: Friday, September 21st at 10:00AM

WHERE: LA City Hall Chambers, 200 N Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90012