In a vindication for dozens of AFSCME-represented classified staff at Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) in the San Fernando Valley,  school

Activists and leaders representing a swath of Council 36 Locals had the opportunity to ask questions of a number of LA County Supervisor candidates about issues and concerns affecting services and

As they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. On the one-year anniversary of the horrible, anti-union Janus v.

Most experts expect Janus v. AFSCME to be decided in 2018 and predict that Abood will be overturned by the predominantly conservative justices on the Supreme Court.  As bleak as things are, AFSCME never quits – which was the lesson of the Summit: Prepare properly – and keep organizing for power – and AFSCME will overcome the severest blows.

Longtime activist Lenny Potash, representing the AFSCME Retiree Chapter 36, participated in a national gathering of universal health care advocates organized by HEALTHCARE-NOW. He was among labor and other organizational leaders from 25 states who met in Las Vegas at the end of September, energized by  growing support for single payer healthcare legislation on the federal and state levels. The weekend focused largely on sharing and learning from the different experiences and campaigns.

The answers are all here, in this excellent new report issued by AFSCME International, which shows how strong unions make for stronger communities.

Los Angeles Public Libraries across the City celebrated the Great American Eclipse on August 21, with librarians in Local 2626 handing out viewing glasses and providing a science lesson about the rare natural phenomenon in the sky. Hundreds of enthusiastic Angelenos of all ages waited in lines that in some cases stretched around the perimeter of the parking lots for their chance to see the moon hiding the sun.

Empowerment Workshops at Convention Promote New Local Union Successes 

A variety of 90-minute workshops held the afternoon before Council 36's 25th Biennial convention on October 12 offered delegates from our Locals new tips and tools to promote campaign victories and build capacity:


The U.S. Supreme Court on Sept. 28 accepted a case called Janus v. AFSCME Council 31, which would make the entire public sector “right-to-work” in one fell swoop.

Janus – which the nation’s highest court will take up in the October 2017-June 2018 term – is a blatantly political and well-funded plot to use the highest court in the land to further rig the economic rules against everyday working people.

Icon of the civil rights movement, the Rev. Jessie Jackson, made an appearance at Council 36 on Sept. 7, where he spent more than an hour talking with AFSCME members and community activists. In the wake of the recent neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville and the White House’s incitement against DACA recipients, Jackson stressed the need for racial convergence and common ground on such progressive issues as fair economic policy, immigration rights, climate change and worker justice.