The Council 36 Organizing Dept.'s recruitment campaign for Volunteer Member Organizers (VMOs) is in full swing, as AFSCME rank-and-file activists continue to step up to build worker power at the ba

AFSCME-Endorsed Glendora Measure Wins Voter Approval Following Organizing Blitz

As part of Council 36’s member-driven Political and Legislative Action Committee (PLAC), a number of candidates were invited to introduce themselves in the race to serve as assembly member of the 51st district. The candidates: Luis Lopez, Wendy Carrillo, David Vela, Gabriel Sandoval, Ron Birnbaum, Mike Fong, and Alex De Ocampo, are all hoping to increase their viability by soliciting endorsements in labor, including AFSCME.

It had been an epic contract battle between Cerritos City workers in AFSCME Local 619 and a hostile Management team, eventually culminating in a tentative agreement in August.  By sticking it out and continuing to demand a fair deal, the workers succeeded in winning important job protections, raises, and improvements to their City uniform provisions.  But they are also the first ones to admit that their victory was almost certainly helped by a powerful political ally -- LA County Supervisor Janice H