When: Thursday, Dec 5, 2019, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

514 Shatto Pl.

Los Angeles, CA.  90020

It's the end of another year, this is the last get together of the year for members of our local.  Please visit us during this last meeting as we will be having our elections for nominated positions.  Special dinner event, our local will be providing bbq for our members to enjoy.  Ask your members that attended the November meeting for what is going to happen in December.  Don't miss out, come and join us for dinner and participate in our local's election for the following posts...

Gary Hodge nominated for "President", running unopposed.  Congratulations to Gary

Art Tyler nominated for "Vice President", running unopposed.  Congratulations to Art

Andy Jung nominated for "Chief Steward", running unopposed.  Congratulations to Andy

Treasurer:  2 nominated candidates (Harry Wong and Duke Lam)

Recording Secretary:  2 nominated candidates (Ismael Lopez and Andrew Tang)