Got a stooge of a supervisor that likes to ride the guys hard or blow smoke up at upper managements' stink hole?  Do these individuals run the workplace like their personal fiefdom and oppress the line staff?  Well, filing a grievance may be your answer to set things straight and jam up supervision/managements' out of line attitude toward the employee.  Remember supervision/management will always take advantage of the situation and have a tendency to skim by under the guise of "spirit of the law" but it's the "letter of the law" that will screw them over.  Be smart and utilize the letter of the law to your advantage when issuing grievances or complaints toward supervision/management.

To all members, please read and be informed about the grievance procedure in our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), your respective department procedure, and the county's Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines (PPG).  Remember the local is here to help and assist in the process and attend the meetings with you.  The grievance is your time to express or advocate against issues arising at your worksite or involving you and your management.   Ultimately the individual that files the grievance owns the argument based on facts that are pertinent to the grievance.   The person who wants to file the grievance is responsible in providing their representative with all documents, pertinent information, or any other evidence that can be sorted and used to put together the grievance documents.   Lastly  as the individual that files the grievance you have to state the resolution sought from management for whatever your issue is.  Thank you for your cooperation.