Carlos Vellanoweth

Sr. Organizer
(213) 252-1394

Carlos' earliest experience as a champion for working people came when he was five.  He joined his father, who had been organizing factory workers on strike. His father was arrested, and the workers took care of Carlos until the father's release.  That moment changed Carlos’ life path forever. Following college, Carlos met an elected official who had been with SEIU and encouraged him to work for the union as an organizer.  In 2002, Carlos traveled around the country organizing workers.  He later landed at a local where he worked both externally and internally as an organizer and was part of campaigns that brought more than 7,000 workers into ahospital Union that later became one of the largest hospital worker unions in the country.  In June 2016, Carlos negotiated a master agreement between four nursing home operators in Los Angeles County and Orange County on behalf of caregivers, which he says set new standards in the industry. Carlos Vellanoweth grew up in the Montebello area and attended St. Paul High School. He graduated from the University of California Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2001.