The Council 36 Organizing Dept.'s recruitment campaign for Volunteer Member Organizers (VMOs) is in full swing, as AFSCME rank-and-file activists continue to step up to build worker power at the bargaining table.

In a tremendous labor victory, the staff of the largest pro bono nonprofit law firm in the nation, Public Counsel, has just elected to form a union and join AFSCME District Council 36. With a vote count taking place late yesterday, the employees were elated. 

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced a plan for the City to dramatically increase its street services program following an unusually wet winter and damages caused by the heavy rains. But not everyone -- particularly the City's long beleaguered street repair workforce represented by AFSCME Local 127 -- are quite ready to applaud the news.

The City of Commerce saw the power of workers standing together at a City Council meeting on March 5, when AFSCME Local 773 members packed the house, demanding equitable treatment, affordable health care, greater job security and justice for part-time workers. (Check out a brief video of the Local's protest at the City Council meeting below!)

Thanks to the bargaining success of AFSCME negotiators, thousands of Los Angeles County employees in Council 36 Local Unions will be receiving cost-of-living (COLA) increases of 2 percent, effective October 1, 2018 (and retroactive amounts will follow). In some of the Locals, the workers have already begun seeing the pay increases reflected in their paychecks, such as Locals 1083 (LA County Supervising Child Support Officers) and 1967 (Professional Managers Association). 

In an ambitious statewide campaign to organize child care workers, Council 36 is standing with AFSCME's United Domestic Workers union and other labor groups to bring collective bargaining power to this vulnerable, and often harassed, labor force.