AFSCME Local 2229 Holds Picket Outside AUSD Office

On June 1, AFSCME Local 2229 with ABC Unified School District held a picket.

The purpose of the picket was to draw attention to the fact that the School Board refuses to recognize our members in the same way that they recognize teachers.

The District’s teachers received a $4,000 bonus, while initially our members were offered nothing.

Our members just want to be recognized for their hard work and receive their fair share. Throughout the pandemic, Local 2229 members took on extra tasks to help keep the students, teachers, and parents safe.

They replaced air filters so that the air quality was safe in schools, installed outdoor wash stations for students, installed plexiglass on desks, fed the entire community during the early stages of the pandemic, and much more. Schools would not be able to reopen without the hard work of Local 2229.

Hopefully, the School Board will do the right thing and finally recognize their hard work!