Anti-worker recall election failed

We are excited to report that Governor Gavin Newsom has defeated the recall effort, with 66 percent of California residents voting no. Without a doubt, Union members are the reason why Governor Newsom was able to win this recall election. AFSCME members were at the forefront of this campaign, leading the charge against an anti-worker agenda. Thank you to our staff, International Union, and most of all, our members for the time and energy you all dedicated to this effort.

As AFSCME District Council 36, we phone banked, utilized relational organizing, canvassed, were featured in media commercials, communications materials, and bolstered the efforts of Labor Federations throughout Southern California in our communities.

This campaign was less than eight weeks long, and yet you all sprang into action at a moment's notice. "Thank you to all of our DC 36 members, family, friends and community for working so hard to ensure Governor Newsom continues the work and uplifting working families," says Leticia Munguia, Executive Director of District Council 36. "We must focus on moving onward in unity!" The District Council, the Labor Movement, and the residents of California are deeply grateful for the investment you all made in defeating this wasteful recall, and we look forward to working hard to advance workers' rights in 2022.