GUESS Again Marciano Family

On November 1, 2019 the Marciano Art Foundation (MAF) workers “Marched on the Boss” and filed for an election with the National Labor Relations Board. Just a few days later, all 70 workers that would have been covered by a union contract were laid off and the Foundation closed its doors to the public. The Marciano family have a long history of violating workers’ rights and this was another gross and highly illegal action on their part.

Since then, the MAF workers have come together to demand that the Foundation Reopen its doors, Reinstate their jobs, and Recognize their union. We’ve made it very clear what we want, but Paul, Maurice, and Olivia Marciano have refused to listen thus far.

So now, we must continue with more action. On November 29 (Black Friday), we are going to GUESS stores around the country to show the Marcianos that they are not above the law.

For those of us in Southern California, here are the locations that will be closest to you:

Santa Monica — Guess Third Street Promenade
Costa Mesa — Guess South Coast Plaza
Temecula — G by Guess The Promenade Temecula
Beverly Hills — Guess Rodeo Drive
San Diego — Guess Fashion Valley Mall

Please visit for more information and locations, or contact the organizing department.

Ling Esangga – (213) 305-9627
Carlos Vellanoweth - (213) 305-9297
Vince Acuña - (909) 434-6360

Don’t forget to wear black to show your solidarity!