Los Angeles County unions ratify hard-fought contracts

AFSCME Locals 119, 830, 2712, and 3511 have ratified new contracts with the County of Los Angeles.

For the better part of 2022, Los Angeles County employees have been negotiating with their employer, trying to secure a fair contract. In April, frontline workers from various public sector unions throughout LA County – including AFSCME District Council 36 – demanded cost-of-living increases to fight inflation at a press conference. Now, after months of bargaining, multiple Local Unions have ratified new contracts with impressive victories. 

The Locals will each receive a 12 percent cost-of-living adjustment over three years. Members will also receive a $1,375 signing bonus. In addition to the COLAs, the Locals secured other major economic and non-economic wins for their members.

AFSCME Local 830, which represents agricultural inspectors, secured work boot reimbursement of up to $100 per contract year, an increase to their rover bonus and standardization bonus, and professional association dues reimbursement up to $100.

AFSCME Locals 2712 and 3511, which represents psychiatric social workers and supervising psychiatric social workers respectively, attained a new article on telework, which outlines benefits of telework, creates selection criteria, and offers protective language regarding materials and equipment employees use for teleworking. They also secured an emergency room bonus of $200 per month for members permanently assigned to work in the ER. Members who work in the field, such as the psychiatric mobile response team, homeless outreach team, and law enforcement team, will receive a field assignment bonus of $180 per month. “One of my favorite wins was the expansion of the units that receive bonuses based on their work in the field,” said Teddy McKenna, President of AFSCME Local 2712. “Our subject matter experts were incredibly eloquent, at times terrifying and heartbreaking as they described the kinds of circumstances they encounter as they go about their jobs in the community serving the most vulnerable in some of the most dangerous places a person can be in.”

AFSCME Local 3511 was able to improve their span of control article, which limits the number of employees supervisors can supervise. “Before, the sky was the limit. Now, the number is not to exceed 10 employees,” said Marina Martin, AFSCME Local 3511 President. “It was a big win last time, and this time we wanted to further strengthen it by adding the span of control committee. The committee would monitor the numbers, and work with management to keep them at 10 or below.”

These victories, which will benefit thousands of Los Angeles County employees, are more examples of the difference a union makes in working people’s lives.