San Diego water plant operator is only woman in her role

Glenda Evans began working for the City of San Diego in 1999. She is now a water plant operator and the only woman in her position in the City.

Evans initially started in an administrative position within the City but wanted to further her education. She began taking water courses at a local college. In 2006, when the City began reducing their workforce, it left treatment plant operator positions vacant. She stepped up to the plate and became a water plant operator trainee, beginning her shift into a new career.

As a water plant operator, she is responsible for providing clean water to the citizens of San Diego. “My job entails monitoring, operating and managing the water treatment processes of a 34.2 million gallons per day plant to provide an ample supply of safe drinking water for the distribution system, citizens and customers,” says Evans. Evans’ job is challenging and being the only woman in her role brings unique challenges, but Evans is proud of the work she does. She works in hazardous conditions and must work long hours, but she understands that her job is vital and enjoys the work she does. “My greatest joy in performing my job is the fact that the citizens, consumers and customers benefit directly from what I do,” says Evans.

Evans takes that same passion and applies it to her role as an AFSCME Local 127 shop steward and executive board member. She was a shop steward with a different Union before being represented by Local 127. She became a shop steward because there were increasing concerns with the City and she wanted to help and protect her fellow Union members.

Glenda Evans is an inspiration for anyone wants to become a water plant operator and make a difference in their community. Her passion and leadership are what makes her vital to the City of San Diego and Local 127.