Join us on Thursday, May 13 at 6PM for our next Political & Legislative Action Committee meeting. This meeting will focus on CA state legislation.

On Friday, April 30, 2021, AFSCME Local 685 Member DSO Michael Wall, a loving father and brother, who was a 14-year veteran of the L.A.

We were planning on holding our secretary-treasurer training in April, but of course the Coronavirus ended that possibility. So now we have rescheduled the training for August 8. This training is a great way to learn about how the financial side of your Local should operate. Email Joniesha your name and local number if you are interested, and we will send you a Zoom link to register.

LOS ANGELES – Owners of the now-defunct Marciano Art Foundation settled with AFSCME District Council 36 this week, requiring the museum to provide about 10 weeks of severance pay to its 70 former visitor service associates (VSAs).

The decision comes following months of negotiations and in response to the museum’s sudden closure in November 2019, just three days after employees informed management of their intent to unionize and join AFSCME.


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Contact: Ling Esangga, Organizing Director
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We would like to invite you to join us for a series of Stewards training that include  Stewarding in Crisis and Stewards training :   Participants will have  a chance to work through the challenges and opportunities of being a steward in a pandemic and social unrest, while newer stewards learned more about what it means to be a steward and the 5 steps of grievance handling

The trainings  are scheduled for the dates listed below. Please register for these upcoming online trainings by clicking on the links below.

Society’s stance on mental health has shifted significantly. For a long time, people with mental health conditions were stigmatized as being violent or “crazy”, which made it more difficult for people to reach out for help. Recently, our society has come to understand that there are a variety of mental health conditions, and most people either have or know someone that has a mental illness. As a society, we are now more open to discussing our mental health conditions and therefore the shame surrounding mental illness has decreased.

AFSCME Local 901 member Phillip Gonzalez, tells a story about reconnecting one of the residents at a homeless shelter with his family.

We had a resident at the shelter. I overheard him talking to some other staff members and residents about his son being a Colonel in the Army and he was stuck in LA. No one really listened to him, I myself thought he was just making stories up, but I reminded myself that everyone should be given full attention and be listened to. So I asked him to tell me about his family and his situation.

Members of AFSCME Local 127 have agreed to a one-year contract with the City of San Diego, with 85 percent of voters voting ‘yes’ for ratification.