Council 36 Launches Volunteer Member Organizer Program

Council 36's Organizing Dept. launched an exciting new Volunteer Member Organizing (VMO) progam at a morning-long workshop in San Dimas on March 2, which was timed to coincide with an important local election in nearby Glendora.  

Under the auspices of the Council 36 Organizing Department, the VMO training was geared to training a cross-section of rank and file leaders from Council 36's locals and teaching them practical skills to become effective organizers in their own right.

"By recruiting these VMOs, Council 36 is empowering our rank-and-file leaders to build union strength and move our Locals ahead in meeting their goals," Organizing Director Ling Esangga said. 

This first cadre of VMOs got a chance to put their newfound skills to work that same day.  Because the training was held before the Glendora Midterm Election on March 5, the VMOs spent the afternoon knocking on doors to talk with Glendora voters about supporting local ballot Measure E. 

AFSCME Local 3915 (City of Glendora employees) strongly endorsed the revenue-enhancement measure to save City services and jobs.  (For the record: Measure E did end up winning.)

"This is what solidarity is all about," said Harut Mesropyan (pictured below), President of Local 3915 and one of the VMOs. He expressed gratitude to all the VMOs and staff at the training for the support they were giving.

Other VMOs at the training included Glendora employees, Steve Flores and Nicolas Hadloc, Pres. of Council 36 Andy Jung, Local 575 (LA Superior Court Clerks) officer Vivian Yoshioka, Local 3090 (LA City Clerical and Support Staff), activist Patricia Cristo, Pres. of Local 1520 (City of Artesia) Andrew Perry, Local 901 (LA City Recreation and Parks Supervisors) VP Armando Martinez, Pres. of Local 3620 (Long Beach Transit Supervisors) Daniel De La Cruz,  and Pres. of Local 809 (City of Carson) Ana Meni.

The next major VMO training and campaign work is scheduled to run through the month of April in the City of LA.  To get involved, please contact Ling Esangga, Organizing Director at