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A Special Message from AFSCME Political Action Department

President-elect Trump and the Republican majority in Congress are actively moving to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare), without a comprehensive plan to replace it. Such a move could result in 3 million California residents losing their health care coverage, while jeopardizing jobs of In-Home Support Service workers, doctors, nurses, eligibility workers and other AFSCME members. Repeal of the ACA could also create a $20 billion hole in the California state budget (nearly 18% of all state general fund spending), impacting nearly every AFSCME member in the state.

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President-elect Trump has announced his planned assaults against immigrants, women, working people, the environment, the LGBTQ community and others. But that is not the vision that AFSCME member Alison Regan, and many others, embrace.

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Local 800 (Jewish social services) has been able to win two important arbitration settlements on behalf of their members recently, both related to unjust employee terminations. Read more >>>

Local 143 (Housing Authority of the City of LA) members have been actively mobilizing to secure a fair contract with affordable and adequate medical coverage. But so far, Management has turned a blind eye to them, threatening to impose severe cuts to health plans that would mean a huge dent in the workers’ pocketbooks to get the same medical coverage that they had before. Read more >>>

Dozens of members representing a variety of Local Unions in Council 36 gathered in Pala, California, for the 2016 Stewards’ Training, to learn how to help the Union protect the jobs and welfare of their co-workers. Read more >>>

Local 575 Vice President Mark Natoli, a 30-year veteran employee of LA County’s Superior Court system, took to the podium at a public hearing on August 29 in Los Angeles, to decry a newly proposed “concept” being proposed by some court commissioners. Concept #9, as it is known, would standardize the salaries of many court classifications – regardless of dramatic regional variations in costs of living in California and other key considerations. Read more >>>

Cerritos City employees are back in battle for a fair contract against management negotiators who have a history using bad-faith bargaining tactics. Management also has refused to improve their Last, Best and Final offer in any discernible way in recent third party mediation efforts.
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