AFSCME Long Beach Transit Union

The members of AFSCME's Long Beach Transit Union proudly serve our community in an array of Supervisory roles and responsibilities. We service, maintain, and operate the most complex power propulsion systems in the country. With an active fleet of 249 buses, consisting of Hybrid-Electric, Compressed Natural Gas, Battery Electric, and clean Diesel buses, Long Beach Transit has lead the way with emissions controls and its operational impact on the environment and community. 

We love our jobs. We work hard and are dedicated to providing the highest quality service.  All we ask in return is fair treatment and respect by Transit Management. Unfortunately, our Union has been trying for nearly three years to settle an agreement that improves the whole organization and increases employee morale, to no avail.  It is well established that compared to similar jurisdictions, Long Beach Transit does not reward its supervisorory employees with the same standard of pay/benefits that others do.

We are united in our fight, and committed to continuing negotiations until a fair compromise solution is reached.   

The Long Beach Transit supervisors had been fighting to win fair working conditions in an epic battle, and in late July, organized a community rally at Long Beach City Hall that attracted the suppo

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