Council 36 Exec. Board Honors Labor Day With Thanks

On Labor Day, AFSCME District Council 36 honors the achievements of working people and the American Labor Movement. Our Union particularly applauds the 20,000-plus Council 36 members across Southern Calfornia who dedicate themselves to bettering our communities in a vast array of job descriptions.

The Executive Board of Council 36 additionally wishes to recognize the staff of Council 36 for their own dedication and tireless work servicing our 60 Local Unions.

"Our endeavors require many partnerships from politicians to community organizations, but perhaps none are more valuable and underappreciated than the staff who assist our leaders and members in the day to day grind," said Council 36 President Andy Jung.   "The Executive Board recognizes the commitment made by these folks, and we all, leaders and members alike, should take a brief moment from our battles to acknowledge them for being in the trenches with us.”