Glendora Employees Endorse Measure to Improve Services

The City of Glendora employees in AFSCME Local 3915 are partnering with City Hall to support the preservation of quality municipal services that were greatly slashed in recent years. These services are essential to ensuring community safety and a better quality of life, and union leaders say it's vital that the services are well maintained. 

The March 5, 2019 Special Election offers a crucial revenue-raising opportunity for the residents of Glendora, Harut Mesropyan, President of Local 3915, says. "We are proud to support the passage of Measure E to help lift up our community." 

Measure E would enact a 0.75% (¾ cent) transaction and use tax that would generate approximately $3.75 million in FY 2019-2020 and $5 million per year thereafter.  

All AFSCME members, particularly those residing in Glendora, are asked to get out the "YES on E" vote in March. Local 3915 will also be seeking an official endorsement from the LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, to support the adoption of this measure.