Injured on the job? LA City worker? You're Covered.

Injuries on the job are a serious matter! 

That’s why we are excited to announce a new program that the Coalition of LA City Unions (including six Council 36 Locals) has been hammering out with the City of Los Angeles to serve your needs in a difficult time.

Our “Alternate Dispute Resolution Agreement” is nearing completion, and aims to improve employer responsiveness with the following six goals in Worker’s Comp situations:

1.    Improve the quality and timeliness of medical care that an injured employee receives.

2.    Improve City efficiency in resolving “worker’s comp” disputes that  arise from an injury on the job.

3.    In a timely manner, return an injured employee to full duty; otherwise, determine he/she is unable to return to work. Either way, no wasting the employee’s time with unnecessary delays!

4.    Assist and facilitate the early return of the injured employee to alternate or modified work while the injured employee is recovering from his/her injury. Again, you deserve rapid and appropriate responses!

 5.    Promptly provide reasonable accommodation options consistent with the medical evidence, including when the injured employee has reached Maximum Medical Improvement.

 6.    Resolve claims as soon as possible and certainly within two years from the date a claim is received by the Personnel Dept., unless otherwise warranted. 

We are in the priocess of finalizing this agreement with the City.  Meanwhile, if you have questions or concerns about a job-related injury, please contact your Local Union representatives.