In Memoriam: Tim Del Cambre, Local 3634 President

A union man through and through,Tim Del Cambre has passed away. He will be greatly missed. 

The President of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3634, representing MTA Supervisors for the County of Los Angeles, Brother Del Cambre left an indelible mark. He led perhaps the most successful contract campaign ever in his local union, culminating in a 21% raise over five years for his members in July 2017. That contract won 99 percent ratification in a sign of the appreciation he earned from rank and file members.

He had been repeatedly praised by AFSCME International's Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride for his commitment to internal organizing as part of the nationwide “AFSCME Strong” campaign. “He never took no for an answer,” she said.

In his last email to his general membership, which was delivered the same day that he passed away, Brother Del Cambre thanked all who contributed to the union: "To the membership it was my utmost humble honor to serve you as your Elected President. Thank you for your support. We did great things together!"

His dedication to bettering the lives of his co-workers was ever-present, said AFSCME staff representative Luis Schmidt. "He lived his life leading by example and personally took the time to go meet his members morning, noon and night."

Born in Los Angeles, he loved to golf and relished time with his family. He was a man of deep faith.

His wife, Darcy Del Cambre, is also an elected officer of Local 3634.  His extended family came from small towns including Delcambre, Louisiana, his family's namesake, Pine Bluff Arkansas, and elsewhere. She recalled his mother as a hard-working woman who raised the kids while his father traveled the world working on merchant ships.

"Tim always joked that he probably had siblings all around the world at all the ports his father went to," Darcy said.

Tim and Darcy met 32 years ago, when Tim was a bus driver for what was then known as RTD, and continued to be employed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority over a 43 year career. Throughout, he was active in his union, including as the elected Chairman of Local 1565 and as a contract negotiator for MTA Operators in 2006, during which time a milestone agreement was reached. A plaque was erected on the Plaza Level of Metro Headquarters, dedicated to all involved in those negotiations. When Tim was promoted at his job in 2012, he became an AFSCME Local 3634 member. Three years later, Tim was elected President.

"Tim loved fighting for working families," Darcy said. 

"Tim Del Cambre was the real deal, always ready to do the work, step up, and serve as a model organizer and labor leader," said Cheryl Parisi, Executive Director of Council 36.

Besides Darcy, President Tim Del Cambre leaves behind daughter, Kimberly Prepetit, son Damon Del Cambre, sister Jean Shivers, and six grandchildren.