What a Primary! AFSCME Brings Many New Victories

The votes are in! AFSCME District Council 36, based on recommendations of our member-driven Political and Legislative Action Committee (PLAC), took positions on a variety of races across the state in the Primary Election on June 5, 2018. We won victories all over the map. Working people going door-to-door, phone-banking and turning out the vote had a major impact. 

LA County Supervisors
·         Incumbent Sheila Kuehl VICTORY
·         Incumbent Hilda Solis VICTORY
LA County Assessor
·         Incumbent Jeffrey Prang VICTORY
LA County Judicial Endorsements
·         Seat 4 Veronica Sauceda VICTORY
·         Seat 60 Tony Cho VICTORY
·         Seat 16 Sydney Jane Michael
·         Seat 20 Wendy Segall VICTORY
·         Seat 67 Lucy Armendariz VICTORY
·         Seat 71 R.A Gibbons VICTORY
·         Seat 113 Michael Ribons
·         Seat 118 David Diamond
·         Seat 126 Rene Gilbertson VICTORY
Seat 146 Armando Duron  
LA County Sheriff
We endorsed Bob Lindsey, who lost outright. Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell is now headed toward a runoff against retired sheriff’s Lt. Alex Villanueva.  
Municipal Endorsements – City of Torrance
·         Incumbent Mayoral Candidate: Pat Furey VICTORY
·         Incumbent City Council Candidate: Tim Goodrich VICTORY
 City of Huntington Park VICTORY: as AFSCME members in Local 1769 got out the vote for a penny tax Ballot Measure S; they succeeded in winning new revenues to fund municipal services. 

In addition, Council 36 in almost every instance* supported AFSCME California’s statewide endorsements, which were distributed prior to the election. The main exception was for Governor: AFSCME PEOPLE stayed open, while Council 36 endorsed Democrat John Chiang. In the end, Democrat Gavin Newsom won the highest votes, followed by Republican businessman John Cox in a distant second. Both will be in the runoff.