It was by all accounts an empowering experience, in which several dozen members from across Council 36 dedicated themselves on a recent Saturday to learning more about the role and responsibilities

A message from Pres. Andy Jung:

It has long been known that public sector employment lifts black workers into the middle class. But now a new study supported by the LA Labor Federation reaffirms the importance of unions for African Americans by focusing on the  economic and social benefits of government jobs in Los Angeles. 

Compton Local 3947 President Collee Fields was among several Council 36 members interviewed for the study, in which they were asked to share personal stories substantiating the findings.

The City of Glendora employees in AFSCME Local 3915 are partnering with City Hall to support the preservation of quality municipal services that were greatly slashed in recent years. These services are essential to ensuring community safety and a better quality of life, and union leaders say it's vital that the services are well maintained. 

They said Janus would kill us. But it only made AFSCME Stronger. 

In 2018, our union overcame brutal partisan legal attacks by reaching new members and building power.  AFSCME District Council 36 could not have done it without you.  

The Executive Board and Staff of Council 36 wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and a New Year that brings even greater AFSCME member victories!

'Tis the season of good will, and a group of MTA Supervisors in AFSCME Local 3634 took the cue recently by supporting the mission of  the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

The Local's President Al Cromer and other union officers and members went to a food sorting center and helped to pack supplies that will be distributed to hungry, low-income and homeless Angelenos at shelters, churches and senior centers.  They packed over 1,900 boxes of cereal, rice, milk, tuna, and vegetables.

The AFSCME District Council 36 family keeps growing! 

We have just received official notification that we are now the labor representative of the El Camino Charter High School Classified Staff. El Camino is the second unionized charter school located in the San Fernando Valley that we represent.

In addition, we just won a landslide affiliation election in the City of Chino, where the Chino Public Works employees voted to join AFSCME.

We will be convening their respective bargaining committees and preparing to begin bargaining over the coming weeks and months.

Both AFSCME Local Unions representing the employees of the City of Compton joined a holiday parade last week, where they marched and held a custom-made banner for the occasion.  It was an opportunity not only to get into the holiday spirt, but to show their civic pride and labor pride.

Pictured: Locals 3947 (Compton's rank and file employees) and 2325 (Compton Management Employees).

Don't let its size fool you.

When it comes to labor rights, the City of Hawaiian Gardens is tiny, but mighty. 

Hawaiian Gardens is the smallest city in Los Angeles County, just under one square mile, and has about 80 employees.  It is also one of only a handful of Southland cities in which both the rank and file workers and the managers belong  to the same union,  AFSCME Local 3624.

Council 36's Organizing Dept. launched an exciting new Volunteer Member Organizing (VMO) progam at a morning-long workshop in San Dimas on March 2, which was timed to coincide with an important local election in nearby Glendora.  

Under the auspices of the Council 36 Organizing Department, the VMO training was geared to training a cross-section of rank and file leaders from Council 36's locals and teaching them practical skills to become effective organizers in their own right.