Huge Contract Win for Long Beach Transit Supervisors

The Long Beach Transit supervisors had been fighting to win fair working conditions in an epic battle, and in late July, organized a community rally at Long Beach City Hall that attracted the support of local and state public officials. Local Union leaders said that without a doubt, the political pressure at this rally helped close a deal. Under the agreement, the supervisors are no longer vulnerable "at-will" employees. They no longer have inferior rights than the previously unionized bus drivers who report directly to them (and who, in solidarity, supported their bosses in this contract campaign). 

The contract includes:

  • Collective bargaining and the right to representation;
  • Two retroactive wage increases of 3 percent, one going back to July 1, 2017, and another going back to July 1, 2018;
  • A step progression payscale, with top pay going up 5 percent over the life of the contract;
  • Increased pay for being scheduled to work late hours;
  • A bidding process that will allow supervisors to choose their shifts.
  • Binding arbitration for contract interpretation and for discipline;
  • Discipline limited to just cause;
  • Layoffs  based on reverse seniority;
  • Current benefits cannot be modified or cancelled.