Edna Lozano

Data Information Processor
(213) 252-1329

Edna Lozano worked previously as a Contracts & Negotiations Administrator with UNITE HERE! Local 11. She is native to the Los Angeles area, born and raised in South Central and Watts. Her mother was an undocumented immigrant for the majority of her childhood, and she had a frontline seat to her struggle with getting and keeping a good job. When she did manage to get a job there were always threats of deportation, low wages, seasonal work only, exploitation, and more. Because she watched her mother struggle, and because of the neighborhoods where she was raised, Edna believes that social justice isn’t a job as much as it is a duty. Edna believes that nobody feels more disenfranchised than a person who has no means to sustain themselves, or a person who isn’t legally able to obtain work in order to sustain themselves. Fighting with workers, especially those who serve the public, is a life’s mission because this is how we move through society. The currency of social status that comes through hard work, opportunity, and grit are the ways in which we carve out a way not only for ourselves but for our families and future generations. We deserve to get as much as we put in. She is excited to be a part of a new team whose mission aligns with her own.