AFSCME Local 3915 secures strong contract with wage increases and longevity pay

Members of AFSCME Local 3915 voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new contract negotiated with the City of Glendora.

For years, the City of Glendora has struggled to retain employees due to its low wages. So, the Local 3915 bargaining team went into negotiations with the goal of retaining employees by securing a strong union contract with high wage increases. A major first step in securing strong wage increases was a salary study conducted by the City of Glendora. The study compared Glendora employees’ salaries to that of similar positions in neighboring cities and the study showed that Glendora’s compensation package was extremely below other cities in the same area. “When they completed the survey, they found some positions were so far behind they would need a 28% raise to compare to the neighboring cities,” said Michelle Harris, AFSCME Local 3915 bargaining team member. “This process was tedious, time consuming, but a necessary step to make sure our members were compensated fairly.”

Harris, who is a police service representative for the City of Glendora, felt that her fellow coworkers in the police department were typically underrepresented during negotiations, so she decided to join her local union executive board and bargaining team to help not only her fellow union members in the police department, but all members of Local 3915. She and the rest of the bargaining team managed to secure a strong union contract, despite some pushback from management.

In addition to wage increases, some of the biggest wins from the 3-year-contract includes an increase in medical allowance from $1,050 to $1,200 in the first year of the contract and up to $1,300 in the second and third year of the contract. They also secured longevity pay for long-time members. Members who have worked for the City for 5-9 years will receive $1,000 per year, 10-14 years will receive $1,500 per year, 15 years and up will receive $2,000 per year. Members who work the graveyard shift will receive a five percent differential, and all members employed at the time of adoption of this contract will receive a $2,000 retention payment.

“Overall, our negotiation process went relatively smoothly considering it was the first time for most of us and we had big ticket items we were requesting from the city, “said Harris. “In the end the city agreed to compensate us for some really important items, and although we would have preferred the salary survey adjustment be done separately, it all worked out.”

Due to the newly secured union contract, 11 new members signed up to join AFSCME Local 3915 and become union strong!