Council 36 members convene for Secretary-Treasurer training

About 30 members from 15 Local Unions across AFSCME District Council 36 attended the Secretary-Treasurer training held at the Union Hall on Saturday.

The Secretary-Treasurer training is one of the most important educational workshops offered by AFSCME. The Secretary-Treasurer training is a comprehensive guide to the AFSCME financial standards code, which provides step-by-step procedures for maintaining financial records, preparing meaningful financial reports, reimbursing expenses, and much more.

Saturday’s participants were both newly elected and experienced local officers who understand how important it is to keep accurate records and handle union funds, and that attending union training makes them better leaders. “This training is important because we manage the dues for the union, so the leaders need to know what’s going on,” said Hanh Le, vice president of AFSCME Local 2076. “Even though I am not the treasurer and handling the money myself, I need to know the status of the local and that we are keeping up with the expectations of AFSCME International.”

The participants left Saturday’s educational workshop with a better understanding of their financial responsibilities and are prepared to be better leaders for their local. “Union trainings are pretty informative,” said Jun Goeku, secretary-treasurer for AFSCME Local 1271. “If I had attended some trainings before now, I would have prevented some mistakes and saved myself some time.”

AFSCME District Council 36 offers educational workshops throughout the year that help local leaders build power for a better future.