LA County Workers Start Seeing Hard-Fought Raises

Thanks to the bargaining success of AFSCME negotiators, thousands of Los Angeles County employees in Council 36 Local Unions will be receiving cost-of-living (COLA) increases of 2 percent, effective October 1, 2018 (and retroactive amounts will follow). In some of the Locals, the workers have already begun seeing the pay increases reflected in their paychecks, such as Locals 1083 (LA County Supervising Child Support Officers) and 1967 (Professional Managers Association). 

Others including Locals 119 (LA County Auto Equipment and Repair), 2712 (LA County Psychiatric Social Workers), 3511 (LA County Superivising Psychiatric Social Workers), 1271 (LA County Physician Assistants), 1152 (LA County Child Support Attorneys) and 830 (LA County Agricultural Inspectors) will see these same raises in their next paychecks on March 30th. 

These cost-of-living increases are part of a newly approved union agreement, settled at the end of September, 2018, following months of labor-management negotiations.  As a result of these increases, the workers will see nominal increases in union membership dues. AFSCME encourages our members to understand and track these changes on their paychecks.

In addition, AFSCME's Los Angeles County Locals and the 30,000-member Coalition of County Unions (CCU) of which they are part are still in negotiations over a new fringe benefits package. The Coalition has been pushing hard for equitable benefits for nearly a year.  Unfortunately, management has thus far refused to provide the same terms to CCU members as they have for workers in another union, SEIU 721. For more information about the status of CCU negotiations, contact your Local Union representatives or visit: