Resolutions Adopted at 25th Biennial Convention

From October 13th to October 15th, 2017, Council 36 marked our 25th Biennial Convention in Pala, CA. The delegates adopted a number of new policy positions on a range of issues. The Resolutions are attached below and can be downloaded as PDFs.

The convention celebrated our silver anniversary since Council 36 was chartered, and celebrates a history of victories for our members. The theme of the convention was "WON'T GO BACK," signifying our determination not to let the  Janus Supreme Court case or continued Right to Work threats further topple worker rights that we have won with blood, sweat and tears over the decades.

Pres. Lee Saunders of AFSCME International spoke forcefully to this theme in calling this a "do or die moment" for public service workers and unions in his keynote speech on Oct. 14.  We were also privileged to have legendary labor leader and civil rights activist Bill Lucy address the Council 36 delegates, reinforcing the theme that AFSCME can survive and even thrive with concerted one on one organizing in our Local Unions. The CA State Labor Federation's Art Pulaski reminded the delegates that no war was won without grit, and that we as labor activists have what it takes to beat back our enemies.